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Viral Memes: An Analysis.

‘Mocking SpongeBob…’ Meme’s are platforms for every day humour using contexts that are political, social, humorous or purely entertainment. According to Rodney Jones and Christoph Hafner memes can be defined at ‘an idea which spreads like a virus’ (2012: 196) therefore a successful meme can be viewed by hundreds of spectators. Internet memes can occur… Read More Viral Memes: An Analysis.

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Analysis of One’s Own.

A critical analysis of ones own work is first and foremost a lot harder than analysing someone else’s work. Nobody likes to pick faults, or typically appear as egotistical towards their own work, two very fine lines to cross. However, it is now time for me to critique my blog. The Appearance:  For my blog… Read More Analysis of One’s Own.