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Analysis of One’s Own.

A critical analysis of ones own work is first and foremost a lot harder than analysing someone else’s work. Nobody likes to pick faults, or typically appear as egotistical towards their own work, two very fine lines to cross. However, it is now time for me to critique my blog.

The Appearance: 

For my blog is used the ‘Anissa’ theme. I thought the theme worked well for what I wanted to accomplish and the audience I would like to attract. As a English Literature and Language student I felt the header of a library book shelf image, as seen in figure one, worked beautifully to give impressions quickly to what the blog would be surrounding. I theme I chose worked well in a ‘F’ linear layout making the site easy to navigate for the audience as well as myself, as seen in figure two. The appearance of the font maintained a professional appearance throughout as well as a consistency in appearance. The use of bold, bigger sized writing, as seen in figure six, also helps capture and direct the reader attention while building a level of intensity and again helps with the navigation of the blog. The use of imagery within the blog posts helps keep the audience engaged, and creates inter-semiosis throughout the combination of texts and images. They use of images also helps dive further into the context of the individual posts, while bringing intensity and colour to the posts as the beige background can become tedious throughout the blog.

Figure one: Homepage to blog. Source:
Figure two: Navigation bar of blog. Source:

Application Tools. 

The blog offers different ways of communication, feedback and interaction from the audience, one of the main ways to achieve this is through the use of the ‘Leave a Reply’ box seen in figure three. This is a major affordance for the blog as it can ultimately help build up the attention economy by making the blog more and more popular. The use of hyperlinks and tags, as seen in figure five, also help the audience to navigate the page easier to secondary resources and similar blog posts. This is a useful tool as it can help the audience explore topics into further depth. The blog is completely customisable leaving every choice to be made by the publisher of the blog, making it completely personal to themselves. All interactive options can be disabled and if desired the entire blog can be made private, to prevent members of the public finding and viewing the information on there. This is a major affordance to the site itself as it is completely adjustable to the desires of the sign maker.

Figure three: Comments tool. Source:
Figure five: Tags from the ‘Analysis of ones own’ post. Source:


The WordPress application works extremely well for what I wanted it to do. It is a highly customisable option for creating a blog, leaving the entire design and layout determined by the publisher of the blog. The application only use a small watermark on the blog for the audience to acknowledge the software used, this good as the application does not try to overpower the blog with advertisements. However for a new user of the application it can become very confusing very quickly. I had to watch a fair few youtube tutorials to try to work out how to do some of the simplest tasks, therefore I think the application could be improved by WordPress incorporating a introduction tutorial to help new users.

Figure six: Selection of blog posts. Source:


In conclusion I enjoyed using WordPress and it became more of a hobby than a university assignment. The blog is something I ultimately became proud of. I found it to be a fun experience and opened up a new world of multimedia that I has never personally explored, but came to enjoy. The only thing I would consider changing is possible the background colour of the posts as I began to find the beige background quite tedious and “old fashioned” to look at.

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